Ready for print of ration card rajasthan | Ration card already in process problem solution rajasthan

Ready for print of ration card Rajasthan | Ration card already in process problem solution Rajasthan

If you are also making any correction in the ration card or adding a member, then sometimes it tells you already in process, there are reasons behind it, what can be the reasons and what is their solution. is mentioned in

Ration Card Already Process in Rajasthan

There are some types of status behind telling the ration card already in process, by which status, this ration card tells already in process, the names of all those status are given below.

E-mitra Token not generated having UserName-K000000
Sent Back by BDO/EO Office to eMitra
Pending at BDO/EO
Ready For Printing

Because of these four objections, the ration card tells you already

How to Solve emitra token not generated having username

If you are getting this error i.e. it is telling the object after checking the status then you can solve this problem by yourself, for this you can do two things, then you can do this ration card on the friend on which the ID has been inserted. You can get it cleared by speaking, if that friend is closed, and you want to improve the ration from starting, then you can get the form rejected from any friend. E-mitra Token not generated having UserName-K000000
Or Sent Back by BDO / EO Office to eMitra The solution to both the problems is the same which is being told below.

Sent Back by BDO/EO Office to eMitra

Step 1: For this, open E-mitra, search in the utility, select the ration card ad, whichever comes on the first line and click on the OK button.

Step 2: You should suck your Panchayat Samiti / Development Officer office in the select office

Step 3: Click on Master in the top menu bar, in that you will get the option named Reject Application, click on it

Step 4: Enter the form number of your ration card and click on the OK button, some details of the ration card will be told, if the details are correct, click on the reject button, then your problem will be solved.

Step 5: When you check the status after rejecting the form, no one will tell you the status, then you are eligible to apply for correction in ration card

How to Solve Pending at BDO/EO Error Solution

When you apply for any ration card application and your ration application comes on the objection, then you have to get that objection cleared but before the objection is cleared, the friend center is closed, then in such a situation you can not get the object cleared. Yes, when you apply for a new ration card correction, it tells the already in process, to solve this problem, you have to go to the Panchayat Samiti / Municipality / Municipal Corporation where the ration form is checked. Objection will have to be removed only after that you will be able to get this ration rectified, if you want to do it online then see below.

Ready For Printing of ration card in Rajasthan

If you are also checking the status of your ration card, you are also writing ready for printing in the status and when you make any correction or add member in the ration card, then it is telling you already in process, the improvement is not happening, So how can you solve this problem, for this you have to first download the print of that ration card, only after that any correction can be done in the ration card, if you do not know on which friend this ration card was applied. You can find out the kiosk number of that friend from the ration card number and take out his address and go to him and get the print out,

If the Emitra is closed, then you can go to the place where the ration form is checked and get the form done differently, so that your ration card can be downloaded from any Emitra in your district.

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If the problem of your ration card is not being solved, even from where the forms are checked, no one is helping, then you can talk to us through chatting by clicking on the WhatsApp button above, we will solve your problem as soon as possible. will get it done

How to Search Ration Card Form Number in Rajasthan

Follow the steps given below to check the form number

Step 1: Ration Form Number Check For Visit : Click Here

Step 2: Here enter your ration card number and click on submit button

Step 3: Here you will be shown the form number of the ration card in the form option, if it does not show then it may be that your ration number is wrong, or no form is available on your ration.

emitra kiosk details

If for some reason you want to know the address of your nearest friend, his name, mobile number or check his details, then you can find out by following the steps given below.

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