Father name change in pan card annexure a documents required or not

If you are healing the name in the PAN card, then what documents are required, if you are healing the father’s name, then what documents are needed for that, will the Aadhar card be healed.

Here you will find the solutions to every one of the inquiries that are striking a chord, similar to which report is expected to recuperate the name, the name of the dad must be mended, marriage will happen in light of the fact that the lady has no verification of the dad aside from marriage testament, Will you actually need to give annexure A to recuperate this or will it be managed without annexure A, from which site to apply where the annexure A doesn’t ask, presently find out on the web.

Father name correction in pan card documents required

To mend just dad’s name in your PAN card, then you will require Aadhar card as well as elector card or driving permit or visa or tenth imprint sheet or marriage declaration based on archive, presently we should discuss your dad’s name. What am I mending, in the event that you are eliminating something or adding something or changing the complete name, then Annexure A will likewise must be given alongside it, in the event that you are recuperating the spelling, it will occur without Annexure A.

Father name correction in pan card annexure a documents required or not

If you have to check from the online website whether the annexure will be confirmed or not, then how can you check, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

Click on the given link to https://pan.errorsolution.net/ check all these details online.

As you click on the given link then you will see the dashboard of the website.

Select the choice under “Select Item” which you need to switch over completely to PAN Card.

Like we have to heal the PAN card father’s name, that’s why we have opted for “UPDATE FATHERS NAME”.

In “PAN Number” enter the PAN card number in which you want to make corrections

“Full Name” as if you had selected the option of father’s name, then here we will enter the name of the father that you want on the PAN card.

Select the name you are healing, then enter the PAN number, then enter the name, after that click on the button with “Check Now”

Then you will get to see this option Parameters Enter Value ITD Value/Permission Special Documents Document Required Apply By, different thing has been told in all

In “Parameters” you get to see First Name, Middle Name, Last/SurName, the name will appear next to it

The name you have entered “Enter Value” will be shown here, if you are not doing any correction, then enter the name as per the updated name on the PAN card in First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

In “ITD Value/Permission” you will have to enter the name which will be already updated on your PAN card which is wrong name according to you which you want to do correction

In “Special Documents” you will be told whether annexure a will have to be given to heal this name or not.

Which document to submit along with PAN form will be mentioned in “Document Required”, if annexure A is asked then you will have to Aadhar card with another document (Voter,DL,Passport,10th,Marriage Certificate) Out of these, one more ID card will have to be given from the Aadhar list.

“Apply By” I will tell you that if you are being asked for Annexure A form, then from whose website you should apply so that you will not face any problem even after giving Annexure A, if Annexure A is not being taken then from whose website to apply which is Annexure A. did not ask

Let’s do that you must have understood, if there is any doubt, you can ask by commenting below, thank you

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