How to Check FASTag Balance with Registration Number

How to check FASTag Balance with vehicle number

How to Check FASTag Balance with Registration Number : There are numerous routes through which you can check the equilibrium of your Fastag utilizing the Vehicle number. Beneath we have recorded a portion of the famous ways of checking the equilibrium in your Fastag utilizing Vehicle Number.

Steps to check Fastag balance with Registration Number

Since Fastag is a prepaid gadget it should be re-energized routinely. Fastag was sent off by the Public Thruways Authority of India and it was required for all vehicles to have Fastag after 15 Feb 2021 to make the cost installment. Fastag can be bought from many banks like SBI, ICICI, HDFC bank, and portable installment applications like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and so forth.

NHAI has concluded that it is important to keep a base equilibrium in Fastag bought from any specialist organization. In the event that a client can’t keep a base equilibrium in his/her Fastag account then he or won’t be permitted to enter the devoted Fastag paths of cost courts. They should enter the non-Fastag path and should make good on twofold cost charge. In this way it is vital for the vehicle proprietors to stay away from negative equilibrium in their Fastag.

For this, they ought to check the equilibrium in their Fastag consistently. There are numerous ways of actually taking a look at the equilibrium in Fastag. Here in this article, we will make sense of how you can check the equilibrium in your Fastag utilizing your vehicle number.

Fastag Balance Check using Google Pay

To know your Fastag balance issued by any bank through vehicle number by using Google Pay, you can check the steps given below:

  • The initial step to checking the Fastag balance utilizing Google Pay is to download and introduce the Google Pay application in the event that it isn’t now introduced on your cell phone.
  • Create a new account on the Google Pay app.
  • Now login by entering your login details.
  • After login, you will see a ‘Pay Bill’ option on the home screen.
  • Tap on this option and it will take you to a new screen.
  • Tapping on the ‘Bill Payment’ option will show you a list of various options.
  • In this list of options, you will have to find the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option.
  • A drop-down list of all Fastag issuing banks will appear to you.
  • Choose the bank from where you have purchased your ‘Fastag’
  • You will now have to Link your Fastag account with Google Pay.
  • For this, you will have to enter your ‘Vehicle Number’
  • After entering your ‘Vehicle Number’, Tap on the ‘Link Account‘ button
  • When your Fastag account is linked with Google Pay, you will be able to ‘Check the Fastag balance’
  • When you choose your bank from the list of banks then you will see a ‘View Balance’ button in the bottom right.
  • Tapping on this button will show you the Fastag balance directly.

How to Check FASTag Balance with Registration Number Using Phone Pe

PhonePe application is presently likewise giving the choice of checking your Fastag balance involving vehicle numbers in an extremely straightforward and simple manner. For this you can check the beneath steps –

  • Download and install the PhonePe app if it is already not on your mobile phone.
  • After registration, enter your credentials for login to your account.
  • You will check the ‘Sell All’ option once you are logged in to your PhonePe account.
  • The ‘Manage Fastag’ option will appear when you Tap on the ‘See All’ option.
  • A list of all Fastag issuing banks will appear after clicking on the ‘Manage Fastag’ option.
  • Choose your Fastag issuing bank from this drop-down list.
  • Now you are required to enter your ‘Vehicle’s Registration Number’.
  • Tap on the ‘Confirm’ button when you enter all other required information.
  • Clicking on the ‘Confirm’ button will show you different details of your Fastag account including Customer Number, Fastag Balance, and Maximum Recharge Amount.

So these steps will let you check the Fastag balance using the vehicle Number through PhonePe

Check Fastag Balance with vehicle number through MyFastag Application

NHAI has sent off a devoted versatile application named MyFastag application through which you can perform numerous Fastag-related undertakings like re-energizing Fastag, checking Fastag balance, and so forth. The component of checking the equilibrium in your Fastag has been as of late added by NHAI to the MyFastag application. Through this component, Fastag clients can check their Fastag balance status effectively by entering the vehicle number.

Follow the below steps to check the balance in your Fastag with the vehicle number through MyFastag.

  • Download and install the MyFastag app on your mobile.
  • After installing, make a login into the app by entering your username/login id and password.
  • Once you are logged in, then you will have to enter your vehicle number.
  • You can now easily check the balance in the Fastag linked to that vehicle number.

MyFastag app also gives the option to check the balance in your Fastag through various color codes. Various color codes are assigned to indicate the balance status in your Fastag.

  • For example, after login into the MyFastag app, if you see Green Color, then it means that there is sufficient balance in your Fastag.
  • If the MyFastag app shows an Orange color, then it indicates that there is a low balance in it and you need to add more money into your Fastag account.
  • The ‘Red’ color indicates that there is zero balance in your Fastag and your Fastag has been blacklisted. It means you need to recharge your Fastag as soon as possible.

Fastag balance Check with vehicle number through the website

Another option to check the balance in your Fastag with vehicle number is through the official website of the bank or any other service provide, for which you can follow the below steps:

Do you also want to check real time fastag balance from online vehicle registration number, To check fastag balance without any otp verification or login, follow the steps given below.
  1. For Instant Fastag Balance Check click on this link.
  2. Then the website opens in front of you, here you have to enter the registration number of your vehicle in the option “Enter valid vehicle number“.
  3. You have to enter your vehicle plate number and click on the inquiry button.
  4. As you click on the inquiry button, then you get to see the balance information of that fastag account below.
  5. Here you get to see the full name of the fastag account holder, customer ID, live balances details.
  6. How to check FASTag Balance with vehicle number

    How to check FASTag Balance with vehicle number

  7. Here you must have got to see all the important details of Fastag account, which you want to see.

Fastag is an electronic framework for the programmed installment of cost charge when your vehicle goes through cost squares. An extremely helpful gadget for those movement frequently and for the people who need to go through cost courts on the Public Expressways. Any individual who buys a Fastag gets a little sticker sort of gadget and needs to join it to the windscreen of their vehicle.

This Fastag gadget permits the driver to get through committed paths and be consequently charged for the expense of the cost charge, without halting at the cost courts like clockwork. There are many advantages of the Fastag gadget. As well as offering the likelihood to skip lines and traffic, is to helpfully control every web-based cost, screen all exchanges of cost charge, and so forth.

The foundation of Fastag is the RFID innovation which represents Radio Recurrence ID innovation. This RFID innovation empowers the Fastag gadget to be recognized by the scanners introduced at the cost courts. At the point when your vehicle approaches cost squares, then these scanners distinguish the Fastag and the cost installment is consequently charged from your Fastag wallet.

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